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44 | 2018
L’étranger, de l’Antiquité à nos jours

The stranger, from Antiquity to the present
Edited by Stève Bessac-Vaure
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ISBN 2275-2129

This thematic issue of Siècles contributes to the most recent research investigating the social construction of identity.  One of its main goals is to reopen the debate concerning the definition of a foreigner.  Several approaches (historical, geographical, and social) are taken and a multitude of viewpoints are adopted to provide a full structural analysis of the phenomenon.  Special attention is paid to conflictual situations, as they are particularly revealing of competing definitions of social identities.

Editor's notes

Marie Bolton est l'auteure des traductions en anglais.
Ce numéro a été mis en ligne par Claude Tardif et Isabelle Langlois.

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