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45 | 2018
Reconversions et migrations professionnelles. Le monde des musiciens et des comédiens à l’heure de la Révolution et de l’Empire

Career Change and Professional Mobility: The World of Musicians and Actors during the Revolution and Empire
Edited by Philippe Bourdin, Stéphane Gomis and Cyril Triolaire

This thematic issue of Siècles brings together social and cultural history to appraise the effects of the French Revolution on the careers of actors, musicians, and singers.  It explores the idea of mutable social class, a phenomenon that goes far beyond the decade under consideration, to evaluate the dimension it acquired in a period of powerful political upheaval and rapid shifts in social hierarchies.  The extent to which social class shifted can be measured at various levels:  choirs and music receiving royal support, such as the Chapelle du Roi; local training schools that traditionally had provided for the education of “commoner” children; theatrical troupes working in Nantes, Montpellier, or in the theatres of the Nord department; stars of Parisian theatres; and, playwrights.  What upward and downward social mobility did the circumstances of the 1790s create, for what reasons and at what rhythm?

Editor's notes

Ce numéro a été mis en ligne par Claude Tardif et Isabelle Langlois.
Les traductions en anglais sont supervisées par Marie Bolton.

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