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46 | 2019
Flux réels versus flux immatériels. Contribution à la réflexion sur l’histoire des espaces

Real Flows versus Immaterial Flows: Reflections on Spatial History
Edited by Jean-Luc Fray, Stéphane Gomis and Stéphane Le Bras

At the crossroads of geography, spatial history, and history of practices, this thematic issue aims to question the notions of material flows, intangible flows, and their interactions. With this in mind, the articles presented here enable multiscalar and long term approaches.  In this context, it is necessary to understand how territories are built and how material and intangible flows are the very producers of their own spaces. Thus, in addition to an opposition between these two types of flows, these studies prove their complementarity and interdependence, from antiquity to the present day.  Practices, paths, actors, goods, and flow theories together ensure a better spatial and historical interpretation of strifting societies in the short, medium and long run.

Editor's notes

Ce numéro a été mis en ligne par Claude Tardif et Isabelle Langlois.
Les traductions en anglais sont supervisées par Marie Bolton.

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