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6 | 2004
Crime Fictions

Subverted codes and new structures
Edited by François Gallix and Vanessa Guignery
Crime fictions
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Credits : PUPS
ISBN 2-84050-349-2

Crime fiction is nowadays considered as a thought-provoking challenge to the writing of any text, whatever its genre. In novels by Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson and Agatha Christie the frontiers between genres are already shown as being porous, and the integration of one genre within another can open onto contradictory readings and interpretations. In contemporary novels by Thomas Pynchon, Charles Palliser, James Ellroy, John Grisham, Max Dorra and Peter Lovesey, the genre is destabilised in various ways via the invention of new strategies or the denial of any final resolution. The cinematographic genre also offers challenging innovations through the specific features of whodunnits and “films noirs”. Through the analysis of specific works, this volume focuses on the evolution of crime fiction, on the blurring of its contours and on the subversion of its codes in English and American novels and films.

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