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27 | 2019
Taking Place

L'Avoir lieu
Sous la direction de Guillaume Fourcade et Kerry-Jane Wallart
Couverture Sillages n°27
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Crédits : Courtesy Noah Purifoy Foundation © 2019.

The essays collected in this volume have been selected among the papers given at the conference on “Taking Place” held at Sorbonne Université under the aegis of the VALE research centre on October 4-6, 2018 to conclude its two-year seminar on that very same topic. We wish to thank warmly Juliana Lopoukhine and Benjamine Toussaint, with whom we co-convened the conference and who have proven to be invaluable collaborators.
Our sincere thanks also go to Elisabeth Angel-Perez and Françoise Sammarcelli, who were then at the head of VALE and who have encouraged this project and many others with remarkable kindness and insight. More generally, we are truly thankful to all VALE members for their support, trust, and commitment. Lastly, we would like to extend our grateful acknowledgments to Antonia Rigaud for sourcing the illustration for this volume
(Courtesy Noah Purifoy Foundation © 2019).


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