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Call for papers

The New Technical Promises

The journal Socio is launching a call for papers on the theme NEW TECHNICAL PROMISES. The issue is coordinated by Daniel COMPAGNON (centre Émile Durkheim, Université de Bordeaux) and Arnaud Saint Martin (Printemps, CNRS-UVSQ). Intentions to contribute (title, 2 page summary and bibliography) should be sent to Socio before 14 April 2017. Articles should reach Socio by 4 September 2017.

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The Third Social Sex (or The Third Gender)

The journal


is launching a call for papers on the theme of the “third social sex” (or the third gender). This topic is being coordinated by Bernard Saladin d’Anglure and Elaine Coburn. Proposals for contributions (title, two-page summary and bibliography) should be sent to


by October 15, 2015. If the proposal is accepted, the article must be submitted by January 15, 2016.

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The Eclipse of Privacy

The journal Socio announces its call for papers on the theme “The Eclipse of Privacy”. The special section is coordinated by: Isabelle Berrebi-Hoffmann (Lise-Cnam-CNRS) and Arnaud Saint-Martin (Printemps, CNRS-UVSQ). Proposals for contributions (title, a two-page summary and bibliography) must be sent to Socio before April 15, 2015. The completed articles of accepted proposals are due on September 2, 2015.

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Revolution, protest, indignation


Pénélope Larzillière and Boris Petric, editorial coordinators The colour revolutions in the post-soviet space, the Arab spring, the Indignants movement in Europe… many political regimes have recently been challenged by social movements that are organizing in new ways. Over and above the uniqueness of each of these separate political events, Socio seeks to stimulate...
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Researchers in the witness box


Editorial coordination: Laëtitia Atlani-Duault and Stéphane Dufoix In recent years, researchers in the human and social sciences have increasingly found themselves involved, voluntarily or involuntarily, in legal proceedings. This edition of Socio aims to analyze and understand, through different disciplinary perspectives, this growing phenomenon. In particular, articles may explore three types of involvement by...

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