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Manuscript Review and Decision Process

The Editorial Board reserves the right to publish/not publish submitted manuscripts, and informs the authors of its decision. The decision is supported by an evaluation process of the manuscripts based on a blind peer-review system, carried out in two consecutive steps :

1. Manuscripts are submitted to an initial assessment by the Editorial Board, which decides on the manuscript’s submission to the following step of the process, i.e. on the submission to peer review. This decision is made taking into consideration criteria of relevance, interest and quality, as well as defined criteria according to the journal’s editorial policy and guidelines for authors.

2. The selected manuscripts in the first step are submitted to detailed evaluation by anonymous reviewers through a double-blind peer review system. The reviews resulting of this process will be the base for the final decision on the manuscript’s publication by the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board sends the blinded reviews to the authors and may suggest revisions, according to the recommendations made by the reviewers. A new evaluation of the revised paper may also be necessary in order to make the final decision on its publication.

When manuscripts submitted to the second step of evaluation are rejected, Forum Sociológico will inform the authors of the reasons for this decision, generally sending the reviewers’ opinions to the authors.

The Editorial Board is responsible for the final decision, according with the referees’ reviews and the journal’s editorial policy.

Authors are fully responsible for the published manuscripts.

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