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7 | 2024

This latest varia issue consists of five articles from a range of different disciplines (history, theatre studies, political science, and geography), using various methodologies and materials (ethnographic immersion and observations, interviews, archival research, and digital tools) to provide original, polyphonic reflections on the demands of African fieldwork, from Tanzania to Angola, Guinea, Kenya, and Nigeria. All papers highlight the extent to which “open science” is a project that is (de)constructed at every stage of our research projects, from ‘gathering’ documents and making initial contact with potential interviewees, to the writing phase, which may also involve our partners in the field. In bringing together authors from universities in Africa and beyond (Kenya, Nigeria, Guinea, and France), this issue emphasises Sources’ commitment to decentering academic research on Africa, a pressing matter for all those willing to share their work and open up the black box of the production of knowledge on Africa.

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