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Distribution and archiving policies

Distribution of the printed volumes – Purchase and subscription

Syria publishes an annual volume, printed by Ifpo Press in Beirut, which also ensures its international distribution:

To order a copy or request a subscription, please contact:

Digital distribution

Syria is available in digital format on Openedition journals from volume 83 (2006), in immediate open access under the Freemium programme:

  • The html is available to all;

  • The pdf version can be downloaded by users from partner institutions;

  • since 2018, book reviews are published exclusively throughout the year online. exclusivement en ligne et en accès ouvert immédiat.

The journal is also available in JSTOR, from volume 1, and with a 5 year embargo, and in Persée (OA) for volumes 1 à 82 (1920-2005).

Self-archiving policy

Syria authorise and encourages self-archiving by authors in non-commercial, academic archives (HalSHS in France), in the continuity of the loi pour une République numérique de 2016 and the digital policies of our publisher, the Institut français du Proche-Orient :

  • The accepted, final version of the text (after reviewing, but before editorial work) can be filed 6 months after the publication of the printed version, provided that a reference is given to the published version.
    The archiving may be immediate after prior agreement from the publisher for articles under the Plan S path, resulting from research funded by public grants from French and European institutions.

  • The publisher version can be filed 12 months after publication, provided that a link to the journal’s website is given.

On the other side, the upload of the published articles is not allowed on commercial, private archives such as Academia or Researchgate. For these sites, the journal recommends adding a hyperlink to the journal’s Openedition Journals platform or to an institutional archive.

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