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Now 100 year old, the journal Syria aims since its creation in 1920 at offering to the learned world a reference tool on Ancient Syria in the fields of archaeology, history and art history; Syria being understood in its ancient meaning, thus including all the five current States of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Works on Cyprus, the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, the Turkish Southeast, and even Iran or the Caucasus are also regularly welcomed by the journal, as these regions maintained regular and narrow relations with Syria.

Syria publishes original and previously-unpublished papers for an audience of researchers, lecturers, students and all readers interested in the history, archaeology, epigraphy and art history of the Near East, from Prehistory to the muslim conquest.

The journal’s editorial policy has varied according to the specific needs for the times ; at present Syria favours several types of studies. First of all, this is a place where archaeological missions and researchers are invited to present, in a synthetic way, works carried out in the diverse above-mentioned territories by French or foreign missions. On the other hand, Syria presents its readers with original syntheses by both confirmed and young researchers, including researchers from the Middle East. Finally, for several years, Syria has published proceedings of colloquiums or workshops focusing on a particular topic (recently on the Arameans, or the ancient baths of Jordan).

Syria’s articles can be written in French, English, German, Spanish or Italian. All of them include summaries in French, English and Arabic.

Syria also dedicates a special place to reviews of academic works in the field, and is not afraid of arousing debates on controversial subjects. These book reviews are now published directly in open access on the journal’s site.

The journal is published by the Institut français du Proche-Orient (UMIFRE 6, CNRS-MEAÉ, USR 3135) and supported by the Institut des sciences humaines et sociales at CNRS.

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