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A proposito di Serlóne di Bayeux: la poesia normanna dell’XI-XII secolo

A proposito di Serlóne di Bayeux: la poesia normanna dell’XI-XII secolo

The dossier “Serlo of Bayeux and Norman poetry during the 11th and 12th centuries” consists of the proceedings of an international conference held at Caen and Bayeux on 21-22 March 2014 (resp. M.-A. Lucas-Avenel, E. D'Angelo, P. Bauduin). Organised as part of the Chair of Excellence held by Edoardo D'Angelo (cf. dossier 13), this conference looked to established the place of Serlo of Bayeux, a poet of the 12th century, within the wider poetical traditions of Normandy, and to compare his work with that of others who were close to him either in terms of time or geography. What were the themes tackled by these poets and how did they chose to represent contemporary events and people? In what ways did they preserve the poetical traditions of the Classical and late-Classical world and what role was played by legacy and rebirth? It was around questions such as these that the papers and debates of the first ever conference dedicated to medieval Latin poetry were centred. The extension of the Chair of Excellence now means that the poems of Serlo of Bayeux can be critically edited.

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