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Inquiring into the imitation of living beings

Methodological Remarks
Fabien Provost, Lauren Kamili et Perig Pitrou
Traduction de Daniela Ginsburg
Cet article est une traduction de :
Enquêter sur l’imitation du vivant [fr]

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Imitation as the objectivization of organisms and milieus
Imitation as a search for analogies
Imitation as active learning
Imitation as the construction of collectives

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Arunta ceremony of the emu clan.

Arunta ceremony of the emu clan.

The headdress, made from bird's down, represents the head and neck of the emu.

Spencer, B. & F. J. Gillen 1912 Across Australia vol. II. Londres : Macmillan. University of Toronto / Internet archive

At our meetings in Marseille, during which we began preparations for this issue of Techniques&Culture, we heard multiple scientists and researchers who were working on building objects and processes by imitating nature and living systems say that they had done biomimicry spontaneously, “without knowing it”—only realizing “after the fact” that they had adopted this approach. There is nothing exceptional about this type of discourse; it is frequently found in the testimony of those who identify with the biomimetic approach. What status should be given to a process that one only becomes aware of a posteriori? Isn’t there a tension between the promotion of biomimicry as a new method for studying organisms and producing objects—even...

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Fabien Provost, Lauren Kamili et Perig Pitrou, « Inquiring into the imitation of living beings »Techniques & Culture [En ligne], 73 | 2020, mis en ligne le 01 janvier 2023, consulté le 26 novembre 2022. URL : ; DOI :

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