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119 | 2014
Il y a 70 ans, Auschwitz. Retour sur Primo Levi

70 jaar geleden, Auschwitz. Terugblik op Primo Levi
70 years ago: Auschwitz. Looking back on Primo Levi
Edited by Philippe Mesnard
Couverture Témoigner n° 119, 2014
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190x235mm - 210 p. - 18 € ; Prix de commercialisation du numéro 18 €
ISBN 978-2-84174-688-0

27 January 1945. Seventy years ago the first soldiers of the Red Army marched into Auschwitz. One might argue that the camp was “liberated” then, but the truth is that neither Auschwitz, nor any of the other Nazi camps, was ever a priority to the Allied Powers. Primo Levi was one of the few survivors who knew how to hide and escape the enforced evacuation of the camps. With this dossier, we want to cast light on the complex figure that Levi was: a Jew, a deportee, a chemists, a witness, and a writer. It sets out to study his oeuvre and his interpretation of the notions of “resistance” and “engagement”, in order to understand how he eventually became a “professional survivor”, as he once described himself.

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