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115 | 2013
L’Espagne en construction mémorielle

Het gedeelde verleden van Spanje
Memory construction in Spain
Edited by Marta Marín-Dòmine and Esteban Mate
Couverture Témoigner n° 115, 2013
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160x235mm - 198 p. - 15 € ; Prix de commercialisation du numéro 15 € + frais de port
ISBN 978-2-84174-628-6

This dossier’s objective is to provide a benchmark for understanding the plural identities and relationships between memories and representation forms in contemporary Spain. Indeed, it is necessary today to take a fresh look not only on the stratified memories of the civil war, exile and the Franco repression, but also on the reception of other memories such as that of the Holocaust, and to propose new readings. We propose to highlight the conflicting or fruitful tensions between official actions, initiatives of associations and of artistic events.

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