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117 | 2014
Amis ? Ennemis ? Relations entre mémoires

Vriend of vijand? Hoe herinneringen zich tot elkaar verhouden
Friends? Enemies? Relationships between memories
Edited by Philippe Mesnard
Couverture Témoigner n° 117, 2014
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190x235mm - 162 p. - 18 € ; Prix de commercialisation du numéro 18 € + frais de port
ISBN 978-2-84174-663-7

Much has been said and written about group memories, limiting their mutual relationships and history to conflicts, ‘wars’, competitions, or strategies for eclipsing or silencing. These terms have now become the platitudes of a kind of more general doxa about collective and cultural remembrance. This dossier proposes a critical reading of those terms and of that doxa by questioning the emergence, constitution, and inter-relating of different exemplary memories of the major violent episodes of the 20th century. It will address the relationships that those memories can maintain with other memories with which they share, if not the same event, at least similar characteristics and concerns.

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