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About the journal

For over 25 years, the Auschwitz Foundation in Brussels has published its journal, Testimony Between History and Memory, two times a year. From the beginning, the journal has taken part in contemporary debates on issues of history and memory, and it has done so in a fundamentally pluridisciplinary way.

We are now seeing the questions we have been raising for years expand, generating studies beyond the fields where they are traditionally recognized. Commemoration, tourism, education, museums, literature, cinema, theatre, and academia: memory and testimony are very much present in all of these domains. Words associated with memory and testimony (trauma, nunca más, grey zone, exile, apartheid, Auschwitz) permeate our cultural sphere, circulating throughout our everyday lives, instilling themselves in our minds and contributing to the construction of our world view.

That is why Testimony is undergoing a transformation. While remaining faithful to its primary missions, the journal has received fresh impetus to consider debates on memory and testimony from a new – critical – angle. The transformation will produce a unique hybrid journal, consisting of both academic and cultural sections. At the heart of each issue, you will find an academic dossier and a “miscellaneous” section that examines questions of interest in a variety of fields. These will be supplemented by cultural criticism and reviews of recent events and publications, a portfolio, and a memory laboratory. Indeed, the journal aims to be a critical laboratory where authors can explore and deconstruct commonplaces, clichés, and doxa regarding memory and testimony.

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