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About the journal


For over 25 years, the Auschwitz Foundation and the nonprofit organization Remembrance of Auschwitz have been publishing their journal, thus offering a pluridisciplinary forum for research on the Nazi camps and the genocide of the Jews and Roma. From the beginning, the journal has taken part in contemporary debates on issues of history and memory. Given the increased interest for memory studies today, its scope has been expanded since no. 100 to encompass research on the phenomenon of mass violence throughout history.

Latest issue
120 | 2015
Quel avenir pour la mémoire du génocide des Arméniens ?

Welke toekomst voor de herinnering aan de Armeense genocide?
What future is there for the memory of the Armenian genocide?
Edited by Philippe Mesnard

The 1915 genocide of Turkish Armenians still stirs up numerous debates, controversies, declarations of principle, statements and counter-statements, and even negation. However, as we speak, ties are being established more and more openly, bridges are built and bonds strengthened between the Armenian and Turkish communities. Is reconciliation possible?

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