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Temporalités is a peer-reviewed journal for which the scientific choices are made every year by an scientific orientation board (scientific board).
The journal publishes three types of papers:

  • Papers relevant to a particular question, answering a call for papers about a specific issue.

  • Scientific articles not relevant to a particular question (varia). Under this heading will be included papers responding to a permanent call for papers based on its editorial project.

  • Reading notes, the choice of which is entrusted to the person in charge of reading reviews, within one of the two boards.

The selection of articles is a four-step procedure:

  • After a widely circulated public call for papers, the coordinators of an issue, assigned by the boards, select the proposals for papers basing themselves on the summary (maximum 5000 characters).

  • Upon reception, the articles (maximum 50,000 characters) are read by all the members of the editorial board and are anonymously entrusted to two experts (one an insider of the board, another an outsider – they are the referees) in charge of giving a written and argued review. From there, there are four options: A/accepted as such; B/accepted under the condition of minor alterations; C/ accepted under the condition of a major overhaul; D/ rejected. (see the appraisal sheet attached below).

  • In cases B and C, the anonymous reviews are transferred to the authors, who should submit a second version.

  • The articles are read again, for a last time, by the coordinators of the issue and discussed within the board, which may decide on a new evaluation by experts.

The articles submitted to the editors, in accordance to the instructions to authors, will be send through email (doc or rtf formats).

The ratio of received proposals/published article amounted to 4/1 during the last three years.

Laboratoire Printemps, Université de Versailles, Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines
47, Bd Vauban, 78047 Guyancourt Cedex

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