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Time & Society publishes articles, reviews, and scholarly comment discussing the workings of time and temporality across a range of disciplines, including anthropology, geography, history, psychology, and sociology. Work focuses on methodological and theoretical problems, including the use of time in organizational contexts. You'll also find critiques of and proposals for time-related changes in the formation of public, social, economic, and organizational policies.

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  • > Fixing stone in time: Making and measuring consolidants for heritage futures

    Time & Society, Ahead of Print. <br/>Stone consolidants have been used in conservation practices for decades, with an increasingly interdisciplinary scientific attention to their composition and performance. This article is an ethnographic account of the process of testing a new consolidant's efficacy, drawn from fieldwork and interviews with scientists and heritage professionals involved in a European project in 2013. I illustrate, in line with prior scholarship on laboratory time, how time ...

  • > Hope and time work in dystopian contexts: Future-oriented temporalities of activism in post-referendum Scotland and Turkey

    Time & Society, Ahead of Print. <br/>This article examines the temporal underpinnings of hope as a key element of political action under dystopian circumstances. It is based on a comparative study of the authors’ long-term ethnographic studies: First, an ethnography of the activists for national independence of the Scottish National Party following the 2016 Brexit referendum and second, the anti-authoritarian activists of the local ‘no’ assemblies in Istanbul around the 2017 constitutional re...

  • > Curating time – Museum-things as counterclocks in a climate-challenged world

    Time & Society, Ahead of Print. <br/>Climate changes in every social sector, every web of life, radical change is occurring, and we all have to find ways to relate to such fundamental transformation. In this paper, we explore how museums can engage with environmental changes and concerns in new ways. By understanding how the power of time operates, one can make visible temporal connections between human and more-than-human agencies, control and negligence and its consequences. The paper explo...

  • > Commitments beyond coupledom: Negotiating relational futures in Finnish small-scale communes

    Time & Society, Ahead of Print. <br/>In this paper, I analyze the possibilities for organizing one's personal life around co-residing friendship and roommate relationships in the life course position of adulthood. The normative significance of coupledom and procreation as markers of adulthood has hardly diminished, although the nuclear family model has opened up in past decades in Euro-American countries. I argue that the close connection between coupledom and adult status sidelines communal ...

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