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La complexité des rapports intergénérationnels dans les familles ouvrières du Maghreb

L’exemple de la diagonale des générations
The complexity of intergenerational relations in working-class families from North Africa : the example of the « diagonal of generations »
Catherine Delcroix


The question of generations and of relations between them is omnipresent among workingclass families from North Africa in France. We consider here the parents' point of view and their desire to help their children build a future in the face of poverty, racism, being working-class and the difficulty of finding work in industry today. Against this general background, the article deals with two main phenomena. The first concerns the transmission by certain families – not all – of elements of their own history to their children, in order to provide them with socio-temporal points of comparison. The second concerns the fact that fathers initially tend to transfer their dashed hopes of social mobility to their son(s). But it is not infrequent that it is a daughter(s) who best manages to make the fathers ambitions come true. This leads to the slow displacement of the paternal projeet towards that daughter. This phenomenon is called the « diagonal of generations ».

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Electronic reference

Catherine Delcroix, « La complexité des rapports intergénérationnels dans les familles ouvrières du Maghreb », Temporalités [Online], 2 | 2004, Online since 25 June 2009, connection on 23 August 2019. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/temporalites.724

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About the author

Catherine Delcroix

Laboratoire Printemps, Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines – CNRS

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