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Scientific committee

The aim of this committee is to oversee the evolution of the journal and to get a critical perspective on its activities, in order to better apprehend the social reality of new technologies through the lenses of scientific thinking and social practice.

Members of the committee

  • Michel Armatte (Economics, Associate Professor, University Paris 9)

  • Danièle Bourcier (Law, Professor, University Paris 2)

  • Philippe Breton (Information & Communication, CNRS researcher, Strasbourg and University Paris 1)

  • Dominique Carré (Information & Communication, Professor, University Paris 13)

  • Michèle Descolonges (Sociologist, University Paris 10)

  • Jean-Gabriel Ganascia (Computer science, Professor, University Paris 6)

  • Jean-Paul Haton (Computer science, Professor, University Nancy 1)

  • Blandine Laperche (Economics, Associate Professor, University du Littoral)

  • Bernard Miège (Information & Communication, Professor, University Grenoble 3)

  • Pierre Musso (Information & Communication, Political Sciences, Professor, University Rennes 2)

  • Alain Rallet (Economics, Professor, University Paris-Sud)

  • Gérard Valenduc (Computer science and Society, Associate Professor, FUNDP Namur)

  • André Vitalis (Information & Communication, Professor, University de Bordeaux 3)

  • Jean-Benoît Zimmermann (Editorial Board of Terminal)

Role of the committee

It is consulted about the evolution of the journal and of its editorial policy:

  • Review of the issues published during the past year

  • Next issues to prepare

  • Themes to address in the coming issues

  • The procedure to select papers

  • Suggestions of reviewers

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