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Theodoro Sampaio, Geography and Brazil

Call for papers for a thematic dossier - Terra Brasilis Journal - 2023

Under the direction of André Nunes de Sousa (IFBA), Caroline Bulhões (UFBA/IFBA), Wlamyra Albuquerque (UFBA/Georgetown University), and Waldemar Oliveira (New York University)

Theodoro Sampaio (1855-1937) was a multifaceted engineer-geographer widely known in the Brazilian academic community for his contributions to various fields of scientific knowledge. However, his contributions to Geography in particular, still need further analysis and systematization. Thus, the dossier aims to assemble research from various disciplinary perspectives to allow a broader understanding of Theodoro Sampaio's works.

In this sense, Terra Brasilis invites the research community to submit original papers on the following topics:

  1. Theodoro Sampaio's institutional trajectory and circle of affinities;

  2. Science, technique and nation in the works of Theodoro Sampaio;

  3. Identity and the racial question in Theodoro Sampaio's thought;

  4. Maps, plans, and drawings by Theodoro Sampaio;

  5. Contributions and dialogues between the author's production and themes of interest for the history of geographic knowledge

Other approaches and themes in the author's œuvre are encouraged and desirable.

Proposals for papers, as well as for other sections of the journal, will be considered. Guidelines for authors and submissions can be found at <>. Information about the other sections of the journal can be consulted at: <>.

Deadline for submissions: April 30, 2023

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