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Éthique - Publication ethics and publication malpractice

Authors’ duties

Any author submitting an article to Mondes du Tourisme needs to ensure that he/she has full ownership of the work and that it has not been plagiarised in any form. All articles submitted to Mondes du Tourisme shall not have been published previously, wholly or in part, in any other publications.

Authors will check that they have secured the copyrights for the material included in the submitted paper whether it relates to citations, figures and tables, pictures and any other type of material.

In the methodology section, authors will clearly indicate if they have secured funding for their submitted paper and list the sources of this funding.

Authors need to ensure that all listed authors have contributed to the paper contents. The order of the contributing authors’ names shall reflect the respective contribution of each author to the article. If personal details are uncovered about the authors and/or the participants to the study, authors need to seek agreement to do so from those individuals. Authors shall also anonymize the name of the participants so that they cannot be identified. If the paper is sent back to the authors for revisions, all authors shall be given a chance to be part of each revision stage.

It is the authors’ responsibility to ensure that the papers submitted match with the journal language standards (grammar, spelling, etc.). The submitted manuscript will have no typing mistakes and will display a title and an abstract in English (on top of French ones). Any text produced in English will have been double checked with a native speaker.

Editors’ duties

All articles submitted to Mondes du Tourisme will follow a double-blind peer-review process.

Following the double-blind review by referees, the journal editor will take the decision to either: accept the paper with no revision; accept with minor revision; accept with major revision; or reject the paper. The authors shall be informed of the decision including the remarks listed by the reviewers to improve their paper. If some revisions are requested, it is the authors’ responsibility to revise and resubmit their paper in a timely manner.

The editor of Mondes du Tourisme will take the final decision on the publication of the paper.

The editor will select reviewers who have relevant expertise to the theme of the paper submitted.

The editor and referees will evaluate manuscripts based on their intellectual qualities and this process will be conducted independently from the authors’ ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion and/or political philosophy.

The editor will ensure confidentiality of the papers submitted to Mondes du Tourisme.

Misconduct policy

The journal scrutinises papers upon their reception to identify and avoid publishing articles that might display forms of research misconduct. Occurrences of misconduct might include plagiarism, data falsification/fabrication, misrepresentation of data, denial of authorship, citations’ manipulation, failure to declare material interest, etc. If the editor is aware of some form of those misconduct, the article concerned will be either withdrawn or corrected/clarified depending on the case. In the case of misconduct, the authors will be contacted and informed of the type of misconduct identified in the paper and will be either offered the possibility to rectify the paper and to retract it.

Those decisions will be taken by the editor, who might also choose to consult some reviewers. This process will necessarily involve the authors of the paper but the definitive decision is made by the editor.

If an article is withdrawn from publication, this will be specified on the editor’s website alongside the reasons for retractation.

Major errors will be accompanied by a notice that is linked to the original article and indicates clearly the changes brought to the identified error.

Minor errors will only be the object of a modification with a footnote indicating the modification.

Apologies will also be published on the editor’s website along the concerned article.

Reviewers’ duties

Monde du Tourisme reviewers will be sent articles to review and will immediately inform the editor if they feel that there are conflicts of interest that preclude them from conducting the evaluation of a paper. Any reviewer who does not feel competent to review a paper will be offered the possibly to decline reviewing it.

Reviewers ensure that they will evaluate the papers objectively and that they will not spread any information about those papers until they have been accepted and published. Any information about rejected and unpublished papers will remain confidential.

Reviewers will signal to the editor any breach of ethical issue, including overlap with existing published work by the same author(s) and abnormal levels of self-citation.

Reviewers will treat authors as they would like to be treated themselves and will observe good reviewing etiquette by producing constructive reviews of their work.

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