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Tracés: Revue de Sciences Humaines publishes research in the social sciences in two themed issues per year and a handful of special editions. These issues focus on an old debate that has taken a new turn due to current editorial or political circumstances, takes an idea that the various intellectual traditions and disciplines would usually address in isolation and submits it to examination from multiple perspectives, or explores an emerging field of thought. Tracés claims a true pluralism, as attested to by the variety of themes and approaches it publishes. The journal’s editorial committee is made up of young researchers from various disciplines and pursues a strong interdisciplinary project. This is manifested in the selection of articles, notes, translations, and interviews that make up each of the issues.

Latest issue
#22 | 2022
L’interdisciplinarité « en effet » : sciences sociales, sciences naturelles

Interdisciplinarity “in effect”: Social sciences, natural sciences
Edited by Anthony Pecqueux, Perrine Poupin and Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod

This special issue of the journal Tracés focuses on interdisciplinary practices across the social sciences and natural sciences. Using articles on the topic of ecological problems written mainly by researchers in social sciences, we sought to reflect on ways of practising interdisciplinarity across disciplines whose research objects, methods, epistemologies and theoretical references seem to differ significantly. It is not a question here of proposing a “discourse on method” on interdisciplinarity between social sciences and natural sciences, but rather a test to reveal its heuristic contributions as well as the misunderstandings that it can cause.

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