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Taking a Stand for Children Through Lewis Hine’s Lens

Frédéric Perrier

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1Benjamin Kwan and Christopher Nguyen are 14 and study at Irvine, CA, Lakeside Middle School, Jon Pang, U.S.A. They competed for the National History Day Junior Group Documentary Prize, and placed first at the State level and sixth at Nationals with their ten minute-film: “Taking a Stand for Children Through Lewis Hine’s Lens”.

2Their documentary concentrates on Lewis W. Hine’s crusade against child-labor with the National Child Labor Committee [1906-1918] and shows how he conducted thorough investigations in mills, mines, sweatshops or canneries, and how hard it was to have the first anti-federal child-labor law, the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act, passed in September 1916.

3The film also includes interviews with child care organization members such as Carol Bellamy, United Nations Children Fund—UNICEF—Executive Director, Jeffrey Newman, thirty years as the National Child Labor Committee President, Karin Landgren, United Nations Children Fund— UNICEF—Chief of Child Protection, the photographer and Lewis Hine’s good friend Walter Rosenblum and scholars such as Frédéric Perrier.

4The video concludes with the dreadful story of young Iqbal Masih who was sold into bondage to a carpet manufacture and reminds us that child-labor continues today.

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Frédéric Perrier, « Taking a Stand for Children Through Lewis Hine’s Lens », Transatlantica [En ligne], 2 | 2006, mis en ligne le 08 janvier 2007, consulté le 28 novembre 2020. URL : ; DOI :

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Frédéric Perrier

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