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Committee of American Studies Journal Editors

For more than two years, we—a group of editors from more than thirty American studies journals around the world—have been collaborating to build a website, This resource provides scholars with a ‘one-stop shop’ for the latest research published in American studies journals, and it contains tables of contents, calls for papers, announcements, editorial information, and submission guidelines from our respective publications. We are pleased to announce the launch of this website to all readers of Transatlantica.

Under the International Initiative of the American Studies Association, this site seeks to further the 2006 ASA conference’s aims of studying the United States “from the inside and out.” By making this site available and updating it with the latest scholarship in American studies, we, the editors, collectively seek to connect scholars and researchers across national borders.

Our work together began with the ASA’s International Initiative in 2004. As ASA President Shelley Fisher Fishkin said, upon unveiling the initiative, “Facilitating ongoing conversations between international scholars of American Studies and Americanists in the U.S. can help both groups achieve a better understanding of both the multiple cultures that have shaped U.S. culture from the start, and the impact that American culture has had on other countries around the globe.” To this end, the ASA, with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, sponsored networking meetings and discussion groups between directors of international American studies programs and centers, held a business meeting for editors of American studies journals, and published a directory of participating scholars and organizations at the 2004 conference in Atlanta. At that meeting, the international journal editors—together with those of American Quarterly—considered the idea of creating a website to list the tables of contents of American studies journals around the world.

This idea became a top priority at the 2005 ASA conference in Washington, D.C., where the International Initiative again fostered communications between department chairs, organizational presidents, and journal editors in the field of American studies. At our second business meeting, we determined the website’s aim and scope, and set a goal of launching the American Studies Journals website this year. The publication of this online resource now realizes the goals outlined by the ASA’s International Initiative, but the website’s ongoing value will increase with each additional journal and issue posted to its pages. We are confident the website will further the aims of the International Initiative, and of the American Studies Association more broadly, and we look forward to maintaining these international connections in the years to come.

We invite all readers of Transatlantica to visit this new, valuable resource.

Committee of American Studies Journal Editors

ASA International Initiative

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