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1Goodall Dominic, Nibedita Rout, R. Sathya­narayanan, S. A. S. Sarma, T. Ganesan et S. Sam­ban­dhasuvacarya (éds), The Pancavaranastava of Aghorasivacarya : a 12th century South Indian prescription for the visualisation of Sadasiva and his retinue, Pondichéry et Paris, IFP et EFEO, 2005, 237 p.

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“Asie méridionale”Transcontinentales, 3 | 2006, 162.

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“Asie méridionale”Transcontinentales [Online], 3 | 2006, document 21, Online since 12 October 2011, connection on 26 September 2022. URL:; DOI:

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