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17 | 2020
Séries : les sens de l’Histoire

Edited by Emmanuel Taïeb and Antoine Faure

The imaginary force of TV shows turns them into an unrivaled tool to figure the past and write a “national narrative”. The international perspective of this issue allows us to analyze the various ways by which fiction grabs History, questions it from the present time, and develops stabilized genres. If writing history is no longer a historians monopoly, then a specific historiography, faithful, turned into a fetish or an ideology, can be deployed in dedicated research programs. TV shows then become places for political uses of the past, for educating the audience, for a national soft power, for an examination of the institutions, for a test of History itself, and for a fresh look on troubled and disputed times. The “official” narrative, but the memory also, are shaken and discussed again, in these new places where History is made. 

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