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Launched in 2012, TV/Series is the first journal to publish articles, in English and in French, addressing audiovisual serial fiction from all over the world. Series are analyzed as narrative, aesthetic and ideological artworks existing on an ever-increasing number of platforms. The journal is innovative in its interdisciplinary exploration of the cultural stakes of seriality and repetition in audiovisual fiction, with approaches grounded in fields of study as diverse as literature, narratology, philosophy, visual studies, cultural studies, geography, history, political science, sociology, etc.

Current Open Issue
Hors séries 1 | 2016 (Open Issue)
Lost: (re)garder l'île

Lost: Watching (over) the island
Edited by Claire Cornillon and Sarah Hatchuel

Ce numéro ouvert, qui accueillera la recherche en marche sur Lost, explorera une philosophie immanente à la série, la fin controversée de l’œuvre, ou bien encore la tension qu’elle construit entre illusion et réalité. Les articles pourront également se focaliser sur un épisode de la série en particulier, afin de l’éclairer à travers des approches croisées.

Publication history

Issue in progress, opened on 15 October 2016

3 latest texts

Latest issue
20 | 2022
Stars en séries

Series and stars
Edited by Fanny Beuré and Jules Sandeau

This issue focuses on stars of television series, who have been largely neglected by star studies. It reviews the reasons for the lack of interest shown to them so far, and gathers case studies that help to fill this gap. Through analyzes of the persona of television serial fiction stars, from the end of the 1940s to the present day, are explored – among other things – the cultural issues underlying the conceptualization of this particular type of celebrity, the transmedia circulation between television and cinema, the complex relationships between persona and character, or even the ideological ambivalences of the images of these small screen stars.

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