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Variants is the peer-reviewed journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS). Issued once per year, it publishes original articles in English on any aspect of the theory and practice of textual scholarship, including, but not limited to, scholarly, critical and textual editing, philology, manuscript studies, codicology and palaeography, genetic criticism/scholarship, historical bibliography and the history of the book, and authorship studies. Given the journal's European dimension, it particularly encourages methodological and theoretical approaches that are transnational, comparative and interdisciplinary. Furthermore, the journal has been at the forefront of the digital wave; over the years it has provided ample space to the treatment of digital text and tools and to editing in the electronic environment (again, on the level of theory and praxis) and continues to do so. It also actively solicits reviews of digital scholarly editions to appear alongside its regular reviews of scholarly editions and monographs on textual scholarship. In each issue it also seeks to showcase new, innovative, ongoing digital or print-based editorial projects in a section called “Work in Progress” intended to show best practice and to inform prospective editors and project leaders. There is no restriction to what genre, historical period or geographical area is concerned.

Variants est la revue de la European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS). Elle publie annuellement, en anglais et après une évaluation par les pairs, des contributions portant sur la théorie et la pratique des études textuelles : édition savante et critique, étude des manuscrits, critique génétique, histoire du livre, etc. Depuis sa création, la revue encourage les approches transnationales, comparatives et interdisciplinaires, ainsi que les réflexions sur l'édition numérique. Elle comprend des comptes rendus d'éditions, imprimées ou numériques, de publications thématiques et de projets.

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