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Calenda – Littérature

Updated on 22/12/2016

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  • > (Re) thinking translations

    In the last four decades, scholars have begun to go beyond the traditional perspective of linguistic and literary studies, and to consider the translations as cultural practices and the result of various processes of cultural and intellectual “negotiation” between two different contexts. In recent years also historians have progressively started to take a close interest in translations as sources to investigate the ways in which knowledge and ideas were constructed, disseminated, re-elaborate...

  • > Literary Circulations in South Asia: Producing, Translating, Preserving Texts

    This conference aims at strengthening, sometimes even initiating, interdisciplinary discussions around a notion which is crucial for the understanding of literary cultures in South Asia, beyond the chronological, spatial and linguistic boundaries. The “circulation” of persons, groups, things and ideas, has obviously played a major role in shaping the evolution of the South Asian subcontinent since the ancient times up to the contemporary period.

  • > Myth and Audiovisual Creation

    Le V Congrès International de Mythocritique “Mythe et création audiovisuelle” est une initiative du Programme de Recherche Acis&Galatea, financé par la Communauté de Madrid et le Fonds Social Européen. Le Congrès s’organisera au tour de 4 sièges selon le thème: “Mythes germaniques” à l´université de Alcalá, “Mythes classiques” à l´université Autónoma, “Mythes bibliques” à l´université Francisco de Vitoria et “Mythes modernes” à l´université Complutense. Les chercheurs peuvent envoyer leur pro...

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