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Updated on 22/12/2016

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  • > DARIAH-CZ workshop on Digital Humanities 2018

    DARIAH is an European research infrastructure for arts and humanities scholars working with computational methods and DARIAH-CZ is planned as a new national node of the DARIAH network. Its proposal has been favorably evaluated by an international panel during the Evaluation of Research Infrastructures in 2017 and it is waiting for government approval to be funded and included in the Czech Large Infrastructures Roadmap.

  • > The Many Lives of Europe's Audiovisual Heritage Online

    During the past decade, a massive body of European audiovisual heritage has become accessible online: on video sharing sites and websites of archives, or through initiatives such as and Once online, audiovisual heritage circulates in diverse ways: users watch, share, like, or dislike it; they comment, appropriate, and download videos for remix and recirculation. It thus becomes part of the popular consumption of history, potentially creating new interpretations of he...

  • > DARIAH Code Sprint

    The DARIAH Code Sprint aims to bring together DH software engineers from all DARIAH members and the community beyond. For this event, we cordially invite you to join us in Berlin for three days of hacking on one of our four topics. The first three topics revolve around "Bibliographical metadata: Citations and References". The tracks range from extracting metadata from PDFs onwards to managing bibliographical collections by BibSonomy as well as to work on various aspects of visualisation of th...

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