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Updated on 22/12/2016

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  • > Text as object in the Middle Ages

    The International Medieval Congress (IMC) is the largest medieval studies conference in the world. In line with the Special Thematic Strand in 2019 “Materialities” and the recent creation of the strand “Manuscript studies”, we organize sessions on “Text as object in the Middle Ages”. Texts, indeed, are at the same time an idea and a form. The latter is the result of a combination of inherited social uses and specific intentions by the various actors involved in transmitting the text as idea. ...

  • > Facilitating cooperation between Humanities researchers and cultural heritage institutions

    The aim of the workshop is to promote digital research methods and academic re-use of the digital heritage content in the European academic community.

  • > Digital History: a Challenge of “Doing History”

    In 1973 Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie wrote that in history, as elsewhere, what counts is not the machine, but the problem. According to him, the machine is only a useful tool as it allows to tackle new questions and use original methods (“L’historien et l’ordinateur” in Le territoire de l’historien, Paris, 1973, pp. 11-14). The rise of digital technologies is changing the ways historians practice their craft. In the last twenty years, the practice of historians has changed rapidly. In the age of b...

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