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4 : 2 | 2005
Musiques actuelles : un “pas de côté”

Contemporary Popular Music: Alternative Perspectives
Edited by Damien Tassin and Philippe Teillet
Volume ! 4 : 2 - couverture
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Credits : Éd. Mélanie Seteun
210x210mm - 132 pages - 12,50 €
ISBN 2-913169-22-8

This issue of Volume! proposes a "step aside": it puts some distance between research on contemporary popular music and the professional issues of a field that, in France, has been growing for the past twenty years. The contributors are researchers who aren't fully involved in this environment, who work in disciplinary fields that are rarely mobilized, or on objects that do not coincide with the usual questions of a sector that is mostly attached to the construction of its representation, as well as to the definition of the public policy it benefits from.