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Volume! and the Éditions Mélanie Seteun

Volume! The French journal of popular music studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the study of popular music. It proposes a multidisciplinary space for popular music research, bridging the methodological and theoretical contributions of the French academic world (musicology, ethnomusicology, sociology of culture, cultural history, etc.) and those of cultural and popular music studies. It was created in 2002 by the Éditions Mélanie Seteun, a publishing association specialized in popular music. The journal is in French with some non-translated articles in English (cf. Volume in English).

Volume! was established in 2002 under the title Copyright Volume! by Gérôme Guibert, Marie-Pierre Bonniol and Samuel Étienne, and opted for its current name in 2008. Étienne (Université de la Polynésie Française) was its first editor-in-chief (2002-2008), before Guibert (University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle) took over in 2008.

It is supported by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (2016-2017) and indexed on the Music Index, the IIMP and RILM, and is part of RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text (RAFT).

The Éditions Mélanie Seteun also publish the “Musique et Société” collection dedicated to popular music studies, which counts 14 books:

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