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3 : 2 | 2004
Sonorités Hip-Hop

Logiques globales et hexagonales
Hip-Hop sounds. Global and French dynamics
Edited by Gérôme Guibert and Emmanuel Parent
Hip-hop volume couverture
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210x210mm - 176 p. - 12,50 €
ISBN 1634-5495

Twelve articles discuss questions surrounding French rap (the acclimation of an American form, the relationships to songs, to politics), the interactions between music, DJing, dance, video clips and the movies (the aesthetics of Jim Jarmush's Ghost Dog, Eminem and MTV…). A third sequence polemically discusses a few recent books dedicated to hip-hop studies, tacking the genre's globalization.

The issue is concluded with a debate on the relations between rap and chanson.

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