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3 : 0 | 2004
Rock et Cinéma

Hors-série n°1
Rock Music and Film
Edited by François Ribac
Rock et Cinéma - couverture
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Credits : Éditions Mélanie Seteun
210x210mm - 138 p. - 15 € (épuisé)
ISBN 1634-5495

This special issue of Volume ! is dedicated to the relationships between rock music and cinema. It was published during the second edition of the Paris-Cinéma Festival. Its articles analyze the use of rock 'n' roll in various films: Phantom of Paradise by Brian De Palma, Exploding Plastic Inevitable by Andy Warhol with The Velvet Underground's music, A Hard Day's Night by Richard Lester, David Lynch movies, as well as Frank Zappa, Aphex Twin and "kinok".