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1 : 2 | 2002

Volume ! Varia 1 : 2 - couverture
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Credits : Éd. Mélanie Seteun
210x210mm - 130 p. - 12,50 € (épuisé)
ISBN 1634-5495

This second edition of Volume ! proposes articles by  Loïc Lafargue de Grangeneuve on music in popular neighbourhoods, Christian Béthune on rap and techno, Barbara Lebrun on Zebda, Sophie Gosselin and Julien Ottavi on the use of elecronics in  music, Grégory Pierrot on Selby and rock, and Pierric Calenge on the geography of the musical industry in France ; an op-ed by LABO on "homestudios and network audio devices", as well as book reviews.