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9 : 1 | 2012
Contre-cultures n°1

Théorie & Scènes
Countercultures: Theory & Scenes
Edited by Sheila Whiteley
Contre-Cultures 1 : Théories et Scènes - Couverture
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Credits : © Mélanie Seteun / Matthieu Saladin
210 x 210mm - 256 p. - 19 €
ISBN 978-2-913169-32-6

With this first of our "countercultures" dossier, we start with Andy Bennett’s introduction which examines the definition of the concept, before getting into theoretical questions, with Ryan Moore’s article on the relationship between the music of the 1960s counterculture and modernism, and Simon Warner’s articles on Andy Warhols "trash" aesthetic.

The second part deals with countercultural scenes in Italy, with Giovanni Vacca’s paper on the Neapolitan song, then three articles on the punk movement, with the Taqwacores Muslim punks (Aline Macke), Do It Yourself production ethics (Fabien Hein) and skinheads (Gildas Lescop). We then conclude with Philippe Birgy account of how local pop adapted the counterculture to the French context.

The English version of both issues, Countercultures and Popular Music, was published by Ashgate in June 2014, with additional papers.