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9 : 2 | 2012
Contre-cultures n°2

Utopies, dystopies, anarchie
Countercultures: utopias, dystopias, anarchy
Edited by Sheila Whiteley
Contre-Cultures 2 : Utopies, Dystopies, Anarchie couverture
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Credits : Matthieu Saladin
210 x 210mm - 247 p. - 19 €
ISBN 978-2-913169-33-3

This second issue of Volume! deals with the sixties counterculture's its modernist and utopian aspects, as well as its dystopian and apocalyptic ones, with Charles Manson's shadow and the ambivalent Jesus Movement. We then examine the era's musical experimentations, with the "freak" movements sonic anarchy, the Grateful Dead's improvizations and Yoko Ono's voice.

A big "metal studies" chapter assesses this "discipline's" recent contribution to the analysis of popular music.

The English version of both issues, Countercultures and Popular Music, was published by Ashgate in June 2014, with additional papers.