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11 : 1 | 2014
Souvenirs, souvenirs

La nostalgie dans les musiques populaires
Nostalgia in Popular Music
Edited by Hugh Dauncey and Chris Tinker
Volume ! n°11-1 Souvenirs, Souvenirs. La nostalgie dans les musiques populaires - couverture
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Credits : Matthieu Saladin
210 x 210mm - 229 p. - 19 €
ISBN 978-2-913169-36-4

Etymologically, nostalgia is a longing to return home. Music, as a temporal art, has numerous ways of suggesting or magnifying a vanished past, whether fantasized or actually experienced. This issue of Volume! offers a whole scope of various insights on the phenomenon of nostalgia, within a diversity of genres: French chanson, Canadian country song, cold wave… In turns a generational phenomenon, a marketing tool or an aesthetic cement for diverse musical communities, the protean aspect of nostalgia is investigated by the international contributors to this issue from a broad spectrum of social sciences. This issue aims at taking part in the pluridisciplinary debate on the central importance of nostalgia within popular music. 

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