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11 : 2 | 2015

Varia Volume couverture
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210 x 210mm - 198 p. - 19 €
ISBN 978-2-913169-37-1

This new "varia" issue of Volume! is made of six papers proposing different while often complementary perspectives on popular music: the role of the Hellfest festival in representations and uses of metal culture, discourses of loudness in rock music, recent evolutions in South American music. We are also publishing two young researchers who were awarded with the IASPM-bfe award who, although focused on distinct corpuses, both deal with the reconfiguration of the divide between art and popular music.
aWe are also publishing a translation of Alf Björnberg’s groundbreaking 1984 paper, “On aeolian harmony in contemporary popular music”. In the “tribune” section, Bruno Lefèbvre reflexively analyses, as an anthropologist, a musicl device alloying technology and hazard which he triggered, “connected armchairs”.

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