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7 : 1 | 2010
La Reprise dans les musiques populaires

Cover versions in popular music
Edited by Matthieu Saladin
Volume ! n°7 : 1 - couverture
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Credits : Matthieu Saladin / Mélanie Seteun
210x210mm - 300 p. - 19 €
ISBN 978-2-913169-26-5

Covers are ambiguous objects that run through all popular musics, with a variety of forms and functions: homage, parody, learning practice, means of emancipation, exercise in style, roots of a new aesthetics, fan identification, commercial hijacking, plundering, constitution of a musical tradition, means of belonging to a musical culture. By their ambivalence, covers are a promising entry to the study of popular musics, questioning their creative process as well as their cultural dimension.