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7 : 2 | 2010
La Reprise BIS

Edited by Matthieu Saladin
Volume ! n°7 : 2 - couverture
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Credits : Matthieu Saladin
210x210mm - 254 p. - 19 €
ISBN 978-2-913169-27-2

This new issue of Volume ! continues the investigation started in n°7-1, with new questions raised about cover versions. Covers in popular music appear as a new way of questioning copyright and media strategies within cultural industries. This issue also diggs into intertextuality and how it feeds covers. According to other approaches, they become a temporal locomotive that reveal, through their genealogies, the cultural transformations of our societies.
Far from being the simple repetition of a preexisting work, the cover version becomes, in this issue of Volume ! the French journal of popular music studies, a special object of study to question, with a group of interdisciplinary texts, popular music in its social, creative and cultural dimensions.